Your brand identity is the outward expression of your company brand. This includes many elements such as: name, logo, fonts, colour palette, imagery and tone of voice. It’s what sets your business apart from others and makes you instantly recognisable to your customers.

Brand identity creation is Phase 2 of our Core Brand Strategy service. Once we have all your discovery information from the strategy session, we can build your unique and fitting brand so that you can show your best branded face to the marketplace.


And because all key decision makers were present during Phase 1 and are working towards a common goal, this removes the often frustrating process involved with creative work where designer and client ping-pong ideas backwards and forwards with no clear direction, wasting a lot of precious time.


Core Brand Identity includes the following:

You’ll receive your Brand Guidelines as a digital document.


Design and development, or refreshing of your logo Final files will be supplied as a package containing all file formats needed for both print and digital use.
 A digital (PDF) document of your Brand Guidelines containing information and guidance on the application and use of your brand. The document will include the following areas:
– Logo usage
– Colour palette
– Font usage
– Imagery
– Tone of voice


Once you have Phase 1 and 2 complete, you should have everything you need to create a solid foundation for your business. From creating targeted marketing campaigns, to informing staff of company values and how to interact with your customers. From this point on we work with you to begin building your core brand out in the marketplace, creating every print and digital asset needed to help your brand flourish over time,


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