Whether you are a new or evolving company, we work with you to create or strengthen your brand and a strategy facilitation session is Phase 1 in that process. Together we’ll discover everything your business needs for a strong foundation, all done in one day to get you on the right track quickly and easily.

Our Core Strategy sessions are Phase 1 in our branding process. They are designed to work in close collaboration with our clients, The session takes one day and we assemble all decision makers and key team members in the room. This allows us to align all involved, enabling everyone to stay on the same page and make key decisions early. During the session we will discover everything you need to build a strong foundational brand, or to get your existing brand heading in the right direction. After the session you will receive a 20-page brochure containing all your discovery information. Our sessions follow a clear three part structure: –

After the session you’ll receive a 20-page brochure to keep containing all your discovery information.



Brand attributes are at the heart of every business. They identify your culture or ‘Tribe‘, communicate how you do what you do and illustrate the positive impact your product or service has on your customers. Brand attributes are your vision, mission and values. We work with you to draw out your unique, relevant brand attributes and use them to craft a workable mission statement and to identify what makes your business special to set it apart from others. –



Profiles create a story that help establish why your products and services will be relevant to your target market. Part of the strategy session involves creating at least two customer profiles and highlighting information to help you create highly targeted marketing campaigns.



We understand how overwhelming and confusing it can be when running a business to have to also think about the many ‘To Do’ lists that build up around necessary tasks and what to do, when.


Our prioritised lists built during the session will give you a clear view of the action and timing needed to put you on track with revenue, marketing and systemisation.


Once the strategy work is done, we will then use the information to move to Phase 2 – either building your unique brand, or refreshing your existing one to align with your goals.


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